Commercial Plumbing Renovations

Plumbing renovations in commercial spaces have very different building requirements than that of residential applications. Fire protection and separation is a top priority to ensure that if fire breaks out effort has been made both to minimize damage to the space as much as possible and to prevent the spread of fire into adjoining commercial or residential spaces.

This means that the materials used in these types of renovations must approved for use in the different types of commercial spaces. Typically that includes cast-iron drainage piping and copper waterline piping.

Choosing a plumbing company that understands the requirements and limitations of a commercial plumbing renovation is key to having the project run smoothly. KNA Plumbing can work with your designers, architects, engineers, general contractors and inspectors to ensure success.

Small business will appreciate our ability to recognize time and budget as important factors in any renovation as well as unique circumstances such as working around business hours or within the limitations of a multi-tenant building.

Just ask some of the businesses we have recently worked with:

  • Tim Hortons Esquimalt
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Finest at Sea
  • The Dutch Bakery
  • Oh Sugar!
  • The Blue Coyote
  • The Oak Bay Bistro
  • Samuels
  • Lush
  • Island Marble
  • And more…

During the renovation process we can help you with plumbing fixture selection and placement, communicate with inspectors and handle any permit requirements. KNA is certified, licensed, bonded (gas), up to date with WCB and fully insured.

Call Mike: KNA Plumbing 250-880-0104 to discuss your commercial renovation project today!