Hot Water Tanks / On Demand Hot Water Tanks

John WoodKNA Plumbing is pleased to service your hot water heater needs. From simple maintenance to hot water tank replacement to a new water heating system we have got the tools and the skills to do the job right.

Common hot water heater problems solved include:

  • A reduction in available hot water
  • Low water flow
  • Leaking hot water tank
  • Too long recovery time to a full tank of hot water

If you are experiencing any of the above problems or have other concerns

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Additional services include warranty work and renovation needs that require movement of an existing hot water tank or installation of additional tank(s).

For full hot water systems – it’s all about the decisions, decisions, decisions – what type of system do you need?

Water Heaters come in two main types, tank style – which you are probably most familiar with and tankless – often referred to as on-demand. Either can be electric powered or gas fired and there are a number of varieties of both.
Rinnai Tankless
KNA will work with you to understand exactly what your hot water heating needs are and recommend an appropriate solution for you. It’s important to take into account things such as how many appliances you are running that require hot water, how many people are living in the home and when demand is highest for hot water. KNA Plumbing will make sure that your system can deliver all the hot water you need when you need it.

Using quality products is another key consideration. No one wants to call in the plumber to maintain or replace their hot water system more often than necessary and that’s why KNA uses only trusted brands like John Wood, Rinnai and Navien.

You’re going to be living with your hot water system for a long time and want both the best quality and biggest bang for your buck. Trust us the experts!

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