Plumbing PlansWe’ve been completing renovation after successful renovation in Victoria for over 6 years.  We work with some of the most reputable contractors in town, have an excellent rapport with the local plumbing inspectors, have an inter-municipal business license that allows us to pull permits in any location and we just plain enjoy what we do!

If you are not sure where to get started, just call.  We can discuss what type of renovation you are contemplating, provide some direction on what is involved and provide names of contractors we trust for you to consider for your particular job.  After all – our specialty is plumbing – that’s why we’d like to leave the drywall and carpentry to the other guys.

Whether you are considering a residential renovation or have a commercial space that needs work – we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and always can provide an upfront no-obligation quote.

We know that you expect the best and we strive to provide it.

Call Mike: KNA Plumbing 250-880-0104

For more information on the types of renovations KNA Plumbing specializes in click the links below:

Fun Plumbing Fact:

“In Japan, some urinals have voice-activated flush mechanisms. According to wikipedia, these urinals respond to as many as 30 different languages and several terms.”